After the Reconciliation Workshop

Those who have invested their time and attention in weekend workshops know the excitement and the clarity that such experiences can create. They also know how quickly that energy and focus can dissipate. So that we can sustain the momentum for maximum transformational value we offer options for "after-care."

On-line resources: The Center for Creative Conflict Resolution web site has many resources available including detail about the disciplines and other cognitive maps taught in the Reconciliation Workshop and presented in the book Just Conflict. There is also a link to a Google Group which can be a forum for discussion of specific issues and Dr. Robinson publishes his blog posts there.

Practice group: The concepts are taught in the Building Healthy Relationships class and in the Reconciliation Workshop. As with anything, the theory is of little value without the practice. The Practice Group is an ongoing therapy group in which participants apply the theory to the immediate issues of their daily lives.

Individual consultations: Dr. Robinson is available for individual meetings with you alone or with others you want to connect with. For more about working with Mark check out his page.

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