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For Details about the Reconciliation Workshop, follow this link.

For information about the Building Healthy Relationships class, see below.


The program meets for an hour and forty-five minutes each week for eight weeks.  Classes are normally on weekday evenings.  Contact us to get on the waiting list for the next class. 


We meet at 6454 Alamo in the apartment on the second floor on the east side.  This is the office of the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution.  The setting is the living room of the apartment.  The building is one block north of St. Mary's Health Center on Clayton Road close to the boundary of Clayton and Richmond Heights.


The class will have not more than 8 participants. 
Those who have participated in the class in the past come from all walks of life.  They are of all ages (though rarely younger than 20) and all ethnicities and incomes.  Some are experiencing depression as a result of their life circumstances.  Some have trouble with anxiety.  Some see themselves as having been victims of child abuse or abuse as an adult.  Some see themselves as "bad" for how they have treated others or as having been made "bad" by being treated badly.  All share an awareness that they want their relationships to be better and are willing to change themselves to create that change.
Sometimes classes are women only or men only and sometimes they have both men and women members.  We will work to accommodate your preference.

How much?

The cost of the training is $250.  A sliding scale in available for those with financial need.  Please ask.


Have you ever had a close relationship with someone- someone you knew very well and you knew that he or she knew you- someone with whom you were so close that you never had a conflict?  Of course not.  Our fiercest conflicts are with those we are closest to.  Conflict is a natural part of relationships, even or especially intimate ones.

Have you ever had a conflict come up in a close relationship and you were able to address the conflict with the other?  Have you ever been able to address a conflict in such a way that you were both able to feel understood and to get at least some of what you needed in the resolution of the conflict?  And have you noticed that, once you had resolved the conflict, the relationship was actually stronger than it was before the conflict surfaced?  And now that you have seen that, do you now look forward to conflicts as ways to deepen the relationship with another?  Of course not. 

We are not confident that we will be able to address the conflicts that come up in our relationships such that we will actually strengthen rather than damage them.  The tools to build stronger relationships by resolving conflicts are what we call Creative Conflict Resolution.

The Center for Creative Conflict Resolution teaches the tools for Creative Conflict Resolution through the eight-week Building Healthy Relationships class.  We find this format to be the most effective for most people. 

What Then?

Some graduates of the class feel they have gotten the skills they need to use the tools in their daily life.  Many however want support for refining and expanding those skills.  A second phase to the program is the Practice Group which is an ongoing meeting in which graduates of the class practice the techniques taught in the class. The Practice Group is open only to BHR or Reconciliation Workshop graduates.

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