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The art and science of Creative Conflict ResolutionSM is holy work.  It is a spiritual discipline by which one strives to embody the divine longing for the reconciliation of all creation.

Turning problems with conflicts into possibilities for connections

The Mission of the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution includes:

  • Producing educational resources for reconciliation and conflict resolution;
  • Training agents of change in the art and science of creative and safe intervention with systems in conflict;
  • Supporting intervention with persons, families, faith communities, businesses and other systems in conflict through individual counseling, spiritual guidance, and programs such as the Parenting Post-Divorce program, and the Building Healthy Relationships program.

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We have a new site that teaches Creative Conflict Resolution [which we are now calling JustConflict] through an on-line course.  It isn't finished yet but check it out at www.JustConflict.org.

Creative Conflict ResolutionSM is a set of techniques for naming, addressing and resolving the conflicts that emerge in our day to day contact with others.  It is designed to be as simple and straightforward as such a difficult and complicated process can be.  It is an effort to break down into specific and discrete steps a process that anyone can use to address and resolve any conflict in any relationship.  

In practice it is much more.  If you decide that you want to learn to use the tools of Creative Conflict Resolution in your life you will discover that it is a process for transformation that will result in you becoming more truly your Self in all of the dimensions of your being but most especially in who you are emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

Creative Conflict Resolution and the abbreviation CCR are Service Marks of the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution and refer to the set of theories and techniques shared on this site and in the book Just Conflict.  While we encourage everyone to be creative in the ways they resolve conflicts, this use of these words identifies a distinctive set of tools.  The term Creative Conflict Resolution has been in use by Dr. Robinson since 1993.

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