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I have developed a simple workshop which is an introduction to the material in the book Just Conflict and which lays out reasons to work at learning Creative Conflict Resolution.  Following a recent presentation I got the following feedback.

Here are some comments on the content of the seminar:

  • The target for me personally!
  • Complicated! How to keep it simple?
  • Just Conflict - I'll purchase the new book
  • Very knowledgeable speaker
  • Excellent theoretical model to help us understand conflict.
  • Would have liked a little more focus on practical application to the workplace setting.
  • Very understandable maps to conflict resolution.
  • It makes perfect sense.
  • Good depth, not just basic stuff
  • Good content, good tools
  • Very enjoyable
  • Good - helpful when using examples from your practice or participants (good example from Bob)
  • Great
  • Very good material/complex
  • Good - it may be helpful to have attendees submit cases or questions prior to event - would have been more helpful by using specific family and work examples.
  • I found the content extremely helpful.
  • Seems to be an approach I can easily apply. 

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