Some services of the Center include:

  • Counseling - Psychotherapy
  • Relationship Assessment
  • Training in Conflict Resolution skills
  • Meeting Facilitation

Counseling - Psychotherapy

The terms counseling and psychotherapy are sometimes used synonymously, but there is a useful distinction we can make to describe the kinds of services provided by Dr. Robinson.

Counseling is a process of meeting to address a specific relationship issue or problem of living. It is usually a matter of coming to a clear understanding of what the problem is, what the desired outcome is, and identifying and supporting a set of steps to move toward the desired outcome.

Psychotherapy acknowledges that there are sometimes changes we would like to be able to make in our lives which we find it difficult to make. We may have a clear idea of how we would like to change some aspect of what we do, but we find that we keep doing things the same way despite a resolve to be different. Psychotherapy is a process of discovering the unconscious barriers to change and addressing those barriers such that change becomes possible. 

Dr. Robinson provides counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families. Feel free to contact him at 314-853-9385 or by email.


Relationship Assessment

In certain circumstances people may find that they are looking for a professional evaluation of the assets and deficits of a relationship or the parties to the relationship. Sometimes people contemplating marriage want to get a clear sense of what the likely problems will be. Sometimes couples discover mutual dissatisfaction in the relationship but see different causes of the dissatisfaction and seek clarity about what the problems are and what it would take to resolve them. Occasionally a Court or other entity in the justice system wants an evaluation of a person or a couple for the purposes of settling a dispute or acting in the best interests of a minor.

The assessment process is one of interviewing the parties involved and then offering specific observations about the abilities each brings to the relationship. The assessment is tailored to the circumstances of the individuals and the needs of the one asking for the assessment, but some items may include;

What is the ability of the individual to make the Five Crucial Distinctions.

What is the willingness of the individual to identify ways he or she might change?

How much anxiety can the individual tolerate when hearing the perspective of the other? 


Training in Conflict Resolution

While from time to time Dr. Robinson is called upon to act as a mediator, the preferred response to high conflict situations is to train the parties involved in how to name, address, and resolve the conflicts themselves. Sometimes this is done with a particular individual or couple as a component of counseling, but it is also available through the Building Healthy Relationships program or by special arrangement either as a public workshop or in consultation with a contracting organization.

See information about the Building Healthy Relationships program.

See information about Organizational Consulting


Meeting Facilitation

Dr. Robinson is a skilled meeting facilitator and may be called upon to conduct meetings in which there is anticipated to be a high level of conflict intensity. Again, for more information see the site on Organizational Consulting


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