Format of the Reconciliation Workshop

Each Reconciliation Workshop is unique but there are certain common features or elements to the process.


Lecture: the content of the workshop is the theory and practice of Creative Conflict Resolution as laid out in the book Just Conflict. There is far more to the theory than we will be able to explore in the weekend. We will focus on certain essential aspects which will be supported by PowerPoint slides.

Individual reflection and journaling: Because the ultimate goal for the weekend is to have each participant leave with a specific application of the theory to the immediate circumstances of his or her life situation, each member of the workshop will have assignments for reflection through meditation and writing.

Work in dyads and small groups: We often don't know what we think until we hear ourselves speak our truth to others. We often see others more clearly than we see ourselves. We often see the truth of ourselves as it is reflected back to us from the perspective of those who know us. For these reasons we will enjoy conversations with a single other or a small group of workshop participants who will share in our exploration.

Large group discussion: The work of Creative Conflict Resolution is at once deeply personal and profoundly social. A portion of the time will be spent in large group discussion as we address our questions, concerns, hopes, and fears.

The typical Reconciliation Workshop starts with a gathering on Friday evening to meet each other and lay out the framework for the weekend. We will then meet all day Saturday with a break for lunch finishing by 5:00.  It is very important that you attend all of the workshop.  It is so compact that if you miss part of it you will not have full benefit and your absence will diminish the experience for others.  Plan to relax Saturday evening. You will feel energized on Monday.

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