Map of the maps

There are over 120 maps or sub-maps included in this site and named in the book Just Conflict.  The simplest way to look at these maps is that they are about knowing;
  • where we are: what is currently happening? How can I understand my current circumstances in a way that helps me know what is going on?
  • where we would like to go: How do I want things to be different?  What would be optimal for me and for those I identify with?
  • how we can get there: What strategies are available to me for creating what I need?
But there is another layer to the map of maps.  For every situation arising in our experience there is the object or focus of our attention, the place from which we are viewing what is happening or the locus of our identity, and there is the perspective or lens through which we are looking at it. [see, focus, locus, and lens]

For help in adjusting the focus of our attention, the Mindfulness Disciplines are particularly helpful.
For help in clarifying the locus of our identity, the Orders of Self are useful.
And for help in finding a clarifying lens, there are the words in the Glossary, the Distinctions, and the Other Maps.
But of course, no matter how clearly we see things, nothing changes until we change what we do.  For that we turn to the Practical Disciplines.

For a complete map of all 120 or so maps, here is the site map.

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