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IFS - Homecoming

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csl-logo.gifThe Center is proud to be the sponsor of a Homecoming for IFS Level One trained therapists which will happen in April 2013.  This event will be at Pilgrim UCC and Mark Robinson and Mary DuParri will co-lead.

Mark is trained in and helps to train others in Internal Family Systems therapy as promoted by the Center for Self Leadership.

For more about the event, follow this link.

Clergy Training Group

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This past winter I led a Training Group for Clergy using the tools of Creative Conflict Resolution.  The experience was fantastic!  Not only did the six UCC pastors in the group get the concepts, they were able to use them to good effect in a broad range of settings.  As a result I am going to be offering the training on a regular basis.  The next one will be starting in August and I already have five clergy signed up.

It is not actually necessary to be ordained to be in the group, but it is important that all of the members be people with experience as leaders of faith communities.  More information is available here.  Or just give me a call.

A Breakthrough Approach

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An interview with Dr. Mark Lee Robinson about the applications of Creative Conflict Resolution to large scale conflict.

What makes your approach to conflict resolution a breakthrough?

I am not entirely comfortable with that term "breakthrough," but it is true that the perspective I bring to this field does allow experts--people who have wrestled professionally with the problems of conflict resolution--to shift to a point of view which they find to be significantly more accessible to creative invention. Some aspects of the shift are complicated but there are two that are central and straightforward. One has to do with what we mean by conflict and the other has to do with what we mean by resolution.

New Presentation on CCR

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I have crafted a new presentation of the Creative Conflict Resolution material in the wake of the publication of Just Conflict and had my first chance to try it out Friday, January 15 at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University. My biggest worry was that I had too much material but we ended exactly on time and I was able to get all of the information it at sufficient depth that I am pretty sure most of the attendees got most of the concepts.

Launch of the new site!

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I had set as my goal the launch of a new web site for the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution during the month of May.  At times it looked like I wasn't going to make it, but I am ready to go public. 

There are actually five inter-related sites.  One is the main site for the Center.  The others are for the book, Just Conflict; for the Building Healthy Relationships program, for Parenting Post -Divorce, and for Organizational Consulting.  They are not all finished by a long shot, but I have enough of the navigation together to let the public see them and trust that they won't get lost.

So the sites are:

There is also a site for me personally on Netcipia.