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The last week... I think

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I think we are in the last week of finalizing details in this book.  Of course, I have been really poor about estimating how long things take all of my life, but I am almost through the last round of edits and Rob has most of the layout done and then we will just have a couple of things to clean up with Epigraph, the publisher, and we are off to the printer.

Latest version of the cover

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Here is the latest version of the cover

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Book Cover Art

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Styles of Conflict Resolution - poster

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Back Cover text

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Just Conflict: Transformation through Resolution

Everyone experiences conflict. We each feel overwhelmed by it from time to time.

  • When we can remain calm and centered, seeing clearly what the conflict is about and where it is coming from, and,
  • When we can then address the conflict creatively and assertively, creating what we need without expecting or depending on others to change,
  • The result is personal, relational, social, and spiritual transformation.
  • As we master the skills of conflict resolution this transformation comes more easily and we are able to support others in resolving the conflicts which arise for them.

Just Conflict is an introduction to Creative Conflict Resolution which is a set of assumptions, definitions, perspectives, disciplines, and cautions which Rev. Dr. Mark Lee Robinson has developed over the past thirty years. It is a well integrated and comprehensive "map" for exploring the treacherous terrain of our most intense conflicts in our most significant relationships whether at home, at work, or in our faith communities.

Just Conflict will help readers gain greater confidence about their capacity to name, address, and resolve any conflict which arises for them so that when they discover another issue in any relationship they will be able to say, "Oh, it's just conflict."

At the same time these tools will help the reader become more adept at knowing just what is missing when conflicts emerge, and make the choices which get all parties what they need. It is the ability to construct justice out of turmoil which makes conflict just.

The examples used to illustrate the concepts and practices in Just Conflict are taken mostly from families but the principles are equally applicable to all sorts of human conflict, even to international disputes. These principles include:

  • All conflicts can be resolved.
  • The only person we can change is our Self.
  • Creativity is the capacity to resolve conflict.

Dr. Robinson is a pastoral counselor and gifted teacher who makes the very difficult task of resolving conflicts something anyone can grasp while appreciating the complexity of our most challenging issues. He is a psychotherapist and the Executive Director of the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution in St. Louis.

Finishing touches

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I made my deadline of finishing the writing by the end of August.  I will be meeting with the design team on Friday to work on the cover and interior layout.  We have settled on a size and I think I know what I want in terms of font size [10] but that will depend in part on which font we pick.

I am feeling pretty confident that we will have a book to put in people's hands by the end of September.