August 2009 Archives

Nearly finished manuscript

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I am on course to have the manuscript finished by the end of August.  I have some items to add (appendix with handouts about the Disciplines, index and bibliography) and some items to polish (vignettes about the Johnson's and a couple of places where I have noted that the wording is a bit awkward) but mostly it is done.  I don't think I will have copies to distribute until October but we will see how quickly we can turn this into a proof copy.

Intimate Justice Scale

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I have been using this scale for several years now.  I would like to be able to include it in the book as an example of what concerns we have about justice in intimate relationships.


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A couple of my readers have asked me to add a small section at the end of each chapter to highlight the central points.  I have created a Summary as the last segment of each chapter in which I have tried to trace the flow of the argument.  This has been a very helpful exercise at it has prompted me to switch the structure of a couple of the chapters to sharpen the line.

Here is a pdf of each of the summaries.  They may be a bit dense outside of the context of the chapters they are meant to summarize but they will give you a picture of the overall argument.