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Development of the Philosophy of Creative Conflict Resolution

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Almost all of the conflict resolution literature is about conflict between groups. This includes labor management issues, governmental issues, armed conflict, and war. Some material in the literature is about addressing marital conflict or other interpersonal issues between only two people. Most of this is about techniques for resolving conflict by improving communication skills. These include learning to use "I" statements, doing active listening, and taking "time outs" when the intensity of the conflict is too great.

These are all helpful tools and I support and teach them myself. But they are all geared toward working with the couple to teach them skills they can both use to address the mutual responsibility they have for the problems in the relationship. That is not the context in which I found myself working for much of my career as a psychotherapist.

Comments from a recent BHR class member

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Having completed the winter 2009 conflict resolution class with Dr. Mark Robinson, I have notice an increased quality of life with my significant relationships. Dr. Mark has structured a working classroom environment challenging each group member to discuss patterns of conflict in their life and to recognize the signs when a conflict is upon us, behind us, or will be one in the future. Conflicts are around us all the time.

Dr. Mark has a simple approach to self analysis and how we should work through these issues. His class challenges each group member to work through your own personal tough issues. A tough issue for me was/is hidden trauma; that I had no idea was affecting me on a daily basis. This was discovered when breaking down some of my current conflicts, and discovering a pattern in myself that need to be addressed.

Dr. Mark Robinson, techniques has allowed me to re-think how I will 'show-up', with a different lens in my significant relationships. Acknowledging the barriers in myself has allowed me to handle current conflicts on their own unique terms. This has allowed communication to flow more easily and allows for tougher issues to be resolved in a quicker fashion.

Dr. Mark Robinson program has already improved/strengthened my current relationships and has set a 'map' for new relationships.

I think at times we can get lazy/comfortable with who we are; the class will remind you of your evolving self.

I still use many of the techniques learned, practiced, and discussed in Dr. Mark's class.

Suggest this class to anyone who dares to discover themselves.

Kind Regards,