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Is the RW for couples?

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I just heard this question about the audience for the Reconciliation Workshop and want to make the answer more widely available.


Can you please clarify whether the Reconciliation workshop is for therapists or for couples (wanting to resolve their conflicts)? Thanks!



The Reconciliation Workshop is very focused on helping a person find a solution to a persistent problem. Therapists may certainly do the workshop as an exercise in personal development but the therapist will be participating as a person who experiences conflicts in significant relationships. Couples may attend together but the focus will not be on the relationship but on the experience each has of the conflicts which arise for each. They may easily end up focusing on different conflicts in the relationship or even discover that the relationship issues are a derivative of other conflicts. For example, while they may choose to attend because of bickering between them, one may decide to address a persistent conflict with the boss at work because job stresses are the source of discord at home. In any event, they will each be in a different small group during the workshop.

Hope this helps.