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Family Law and Applications of Creative Conflict Resolution

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In recent months I have been paying particular attention to the applications of Creative Conflict Resolution to issues in matters of intervention with families who are experiencing such a high level of conflict that the Family Court has become involved. This may be through allegations of abuse, through a petition for divorce, or by aggressive behavior on the part of a minor. I have identified four areas wherein the application of the tools of Creative Conflict Resolution are appropriate and helpful. I want to spell these out at greater length in the future, but for now let me just amplify the four contexts.

Launch of the new site!

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I had set as my goal the launch of a new web site for the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution during the month of May.  At times it looked like I wasn't going to make it, but I am ready to go public. 

There are actually five inter-related sites.  One is the main site for the Center.  The others are for the book, Just Conflict; for the Building Healthy Relationships program, for Parenting Post -Divorce, and for Organizational Consulting.  They are not all finished by a long shot, but I have enough of the navigation together to let the public see them and trust that they won't get lost.

So the sites are:

There is also a site for me personally on Netcipia.